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Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Valarie McCune

Valarie McCune is a Medical Assisting student at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology. Valarie attended Penn State Fayette in 2011 and 2012 directly after her high school graduation. “Being at a university with such a large number of students was overwhelming. Classes were very large and I sometimes felt lost. Often, I was scared to speak up, feeling as though I would hold back the rest of the 40 something people in the class. The more lost I felt, the more I fell behind and the less enthusiastic I became about school. I ended up withdrawing from classes to work full time at a minimum wage job and made myself believe that college just wasn’t for me.”

No matter how much Valarie tried to convince herself that college wasn’t for her, she still knew she wanted more from her life than struggling at a minimum wage job. “I started searching for schools near me that offered classes for degrees in the medical field. I called a variety of schools in my area inquiring about their programs. When I called PIHT, I immediately got a warm welcome from Kathy Codington in admissions. She was so informative about the school and its programs which made me feel confident and comfortable enough to take a tour of the school. By the end of the tour, after meeting some of the staff and students, I knew that PIHT was for me.”

Once she made the decision to attend PIHT, Valarie decided she wanted to pursue the Medical Assisting program. She said, “I loved the fact that I could earn my associate degree in Medical Assisting in 18 months. I knew a few people from high school that went to PIHT for Medical Assisting. They seem so happy in their careers and I wanted that.”

After her first college experience, Valarie knew that small classes and one on one attention would be an imperative part of her next school choice. “My favorite part of attending PIHT is definitely all of the help that is available. The class sizes are small, so everyone is able to receive more individual attention. All of the staff knows you on a first name basis. I just started my externship and I have been so adequately prepared for the work force because so many instructors were willing to help me understand the materials, even if that meant staying after school with me.”

Valarie’s favorite classes are her clinical classes. “I love learning about the procedures that I can perform as a medical assistant. I enjoy all of the hands-on experience I get that is preparing me for the work force.” Valarie loved all of her instructors. “I can honestly say that all of my instructors do so well at conveying the information they are teaching. They enjoy what they do and it shows.”

After graduation, Valarie wants to be working close to home as a medical assistant. She also wants to further her education. “I would like to become a registered nurse within the next five years. PIHT has given me the confidence in myself to pursue my dreams. Developing a stable career can help me build a foundation for the rest of my life, which I am very much looking forward to now, thanks to PIHT.” 

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