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Medical Office Assistant Diploma

Take medical courses and earn your Medical Office Assistant diploma in months!

To learn more call Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology today at 724-437-4600 or Request Information.

Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology (PIHT) is enrolling students interested in training for medical office administration careers in the Fayette County, Uniontown, PA and Connellsville, PA areas!

Medical Office Administrators are the members of the medical team that make health care facilities run smoothly for doctors and patients. If you want to have a positive impact on people’s lives, Medical Office Assistant may be the career for you! In this program, you will earn a diploma as a Medical Office Assistant and possess the skills to work in a doctor’s office, clinic, and other health care facilities.


Medical Training that Works!

Why PIHT Medical Training is Right for You:

  • Beautiful Campus
  • Convenient Location
  • Qualified Instructors 
  • Interactive Labs
  • Externships
  • Career Services 
  • Quality Affordable Education

Real Skills for Real Jobs:

  • Perform basic coding
  • Maintain electronic health records
  • Handle billing
  • Schedule appointments for patients
  • Understand medical terms
  • Work with medical records
  • Transcribe (write out) a doctor’s notes
  • Protect patient privacy
  • Use computers and medical software to perform office tasks

 Externships and Certifications

As one of our Medical Office Assistant students you will complete an externship as part of your medical office administrator courses. This on-the-job training allows you to apply the skills you’ve learned in the real world with real people. This experience is invaluable and also allows you to showcase your skills to employers in the Fayette County, Uniontown and Connellsville areas who hire medical office administrators. Not only does our Medical Office Assistant program prepare you to be job ready in months, but it’s also designed to prepare you for certification exams which can strengthen your appeal in the job market. Some of the certifications our students are qualified to take include:

  • National Certified Medical Office Assistant
  • Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
  • Certified Billing and Coding Specialist 

 Medical Office Assistants are an important part of the medical team. You’ll dress in a medical uniform, have a career you love, and be able to work towards financial security. To learn more about the Medical Office Assistant program, call PIHT today at 724-437-4600 or Request Information.

  • “The area that I have grown the most here at PIHT would be on a personal level. I have been coming out of my shell so much and I feel like I can really open up to the people here and just be myself.”

  • “Although it is a small school, it seems like you are in a big place, doing big things. ”

    “If I went to a big school, it would be a big class and I would feel like I was lost in a crowd. But here I feel like I am part of the crowd and I mean something.”