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PIHT Medical Assisting Graduate Highlight: Katie Wright

Katie Wright graduated from the Medical Assisting Program at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology. She chose Medical Assisting as her program of study because of the wide variety of solid career paths. She explained, “There are so many things you can do as a Medical Assistant.”

PIHT offered many benefits that helped Katie choose it as the right school for her. She said, “I chose PIHT because it seemed to have everything I wanted in a school. I loved the hours, the way the classes were structured and the hands-on aspect of everything.

If she had to choose a favorite part of her program, it would be the clinical classes. “You got to read about doing things and then actually do them, all in the same week!” She explained.

Katie was just hired as a Medical Assistant in Mount Pleasant, PA. Her advice to current students is, “Don’t narrow your selection of career paths when you are ready to graduate. You never know what you will like and anything you try is a new adventure!”

Within the school, Katie found a true appreciation for Career Management Director, Gina Roman. “She never stopped believing in us while we were searching for jobs. She was a true friend and would do anything for us!”

Katie’s husband was a major supporter and encouraged her to go back to school. “I was really on the fence about it, but he pushed me to go back. He helped me so much studying and never stopped believing in me. He was definitely great support,” she said.

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