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Student Highlight – Amber Smith

Amber SmithAmber Smith is a Medical Assisting graduate from Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology from the March 2014 class.


She chose to attend PIHT because it was a short, 18-month program and it was close to home.


“I chose Medical Assisting because I enjoy helping people and I knew a little bit about it because my Mom and Aunt are both in the field, as well,” she explained.


She likes attending PIHT because of the students and the faculty. “There are many reasons why I like PIHT, but the students and faculty definitely made it more enjoyable for me.”


Currently, Amber is a Medical Assisting at Preferred Primary Care Physicians. She explained, “I got this job before I graduated with the help of the Career Management Director at PIHT, Gina Roman. I was really excited that I got the job before I graduated because I was worried I wouldn’t have an opportunity that quick. PIHT has helped me with lots of encouragement and support to get me where I am today.”


Amber’s advice to new students is to pay attention in class and do your work. She said, “Even if it feels like the work is a pain, it really helps in the long run because it’s what you use when you are on the job.”


Amber would like to thank Pam Hughes for letting her vent and for supporting her through her enrollment. She would also like to thank Mrs. Mundel for pushing her through and giving her good advice. Additionally, she would like to thank the Career Managemen Director, Gina Roman, for her hard work and helping her prepare for a career in Career Prep Class, practicing interview skills and giving her pep talks for her new job. She would also like to thank her group of friends that gave her support throughout her time at PIHT. Last, she says she would like to thank her daughter, Emma, for making her want to strive harder every day to reach her goals.


“No matter how hard life gets, it always gets better and we can all do something to brighten one another’s days,” said Amber.

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