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A Great Module Starts with You!

The relief of a module ending and having a few days to rest will quickly diminish with the start of a brand new six weeks on Monday. Don’t stress! Here are a few tips to help you get on top of your game as this module starts.

1. Remember why you are here. At some point before enrolling, you made a decision that furthering your education was the right choice for you. Take some time to reflect on your decision. Think about all of the positive outcomes you can look forward to once you complete your program: a degree, a new career, self-satisfaction, etc. You have already won half the battle by choosing to continue your education, selecting the school that was right for you and making the decision to enroll… Now it is time to make the best of it!

2. Be prepared! Make sure you attend the first day of class. Pay attention when the teacher discusses your syllabus for each class so that you know exactly what to expect for the courses you are taking this term. Make sure you ask any questions you might have including what supplies you will need for the course. Knowing what to expect will help you feel confident and prepared and the more confidence you have before the work in the course begins, the better chance you stand at staying in school and receiving exemplary grades.

3. Realize that Change Will Occur. Whether it is the change in your life because you are starting school or the change in your classes, you can expect to see noticeable differences. Face the fact that some courses are going to be harder than others and make plans to accommodate this. In addition to attending your courses each day, you need to make sure you have time set in the evenings to study and complete your homework. Leave time for rest, too. Recharging at night gives you energy for the next day.

4. Use Your Resources. You have chosen to attend Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology where our students matter. We have several resources available for you in case you have any questions or concerns while you are in school. A mentorship program ensures that you have someone you can easily speak with if you have any questions. Tutoring courses are offered if you feel that you are falling behind and our instructors make themselves available to assist you outside of class time. The Learning Resource Center with our awesome librarian can help you find a car pool, learn study skills, assist with research, and it offers many other great programs. The Career Management Department can help you find employment or externships in your field. These resources are available for our students because we want you to stay in school and succeed and ultimately find the perfect job for you in your field. We are here to help…so use us!

5. Be Here! Attend your classes and be ready to learn. You have made the step to enroll in school to further your education so now it is up to you to make the best of it! Prepare yourself, be confident and proactive, set goals and work toward success. Get involved in the clubs and activities at PIHT and give yourself a positive and professional reputation. Don’t fall behind by missing classes. You have committed your time and money to get your education and you chose a great school to help you every step of the way. Now it’s up to you.

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