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First Day at her Externship – Amy Dawson

Amy Dawson is a Business Administration student at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology and she was nice enough to share her thoughts with us.

Amy was definitely nervous before starting her externship at Fayette Area Coordinated Transportation.

She said, “I am nervous because it is something that I am not very familiar with.”

Amy’s education at Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology prepared her to succeed in her externship by training her using the tools that are needed in the business field of study. It paid off, too….Amy was able to learn something that will set her apart from other candidates in her field!

“I feel very confident from the skills I learned from my instructors at PIHT,” she said. “Plus, I had the opportunity to learn a new software system that I had never worked with at my externship and that has opened many new doors for me and my future in the business field.”

With a goal to learn as much as she could through her business externship, Amy definitely did just that.

An externship is a great learning experience and students at PIHT are paired with companies that fit their desired career path. This enables them to gain real hands-on experience in their field with qualifications and skills that can be added to their resume to prepare them for their job searches! Great job, Amy!

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