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Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson is a Medical Assisting student at the Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology. Before deciding to come to PIHT, she attended Connellsville Area Senior High School. Many factors contributed to Jessica’s decision to come to the Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology. She explained, “I didn’t want to go to a big campus and just be a number, I wanted to go to school at a place where my instructors would know my name. Also, this school is close to home for me and I love the four day 8am-2:30pm school week.” Jessica’s biggest challenge during her enrollment so far is maintaining her grade point average as her classes become tougher. “I am overcoming this challenge by attending and paying attention in class and studying as hard as I can,” said Jessica. Jessica has a goal to graduate from PIHT and work in a hospital utilizing the skills she learned from the Medical Assisting program. Jessica says her parents are a very strong support system for her while she continues her education. Also, she said, “I am also a big self-motivator, so I love coming to PIHT everyday and learning something new in the healthcare field.” The instructors at PIHT truly have made a difference in Jessica’s enrollment. She said, “All of my instructors have been absolutely wonderful with their methods of teaching. They go the extra mile to offer me extra help and support.” One instructor, in particular, has made a huge difference. Jessica said, “I must highlight one specific person, Pam Hughes. There are no words to describe how much she means, not only to me, but to fellow students at our school, too. She has been a wonderful friend and mentor throughout my journey and is an all-around smart, kind, caring and loving individual. Pam is simply awesome!” Thanks to great students like Jessica, PIHT graduates students who are ready to begin their careers every six weeks! Are you interested in any of our programs or our externship or career services? Visit for more information! For more information on graduation rates, median debt of students who have completed their programs, and other important information, please visit our website at