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PIHT Business Student Highlight – Courtney McKenzie

Courtney McKenzie decided to look into Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology after a friend told her it was a great school.

Once she saw that the courses in the business program seemed to be more work than the program she was currently enrolled in at another school, she decided to transfer.

“Yes, I know that sounds like a turn off for some people but I would rather have more work to do,” Courtney said. “It keeps me busy. PIHT has definitely kept me busy.”

Courtney’s favorite part of attending PIHT is that there are two classes every six weeks, which makes it “easier to focus on what we are learning and get more done in a set amount of time.”

“It is difficult to have seven classes that are about an hour long each week and every day while trying to remember everything that is due,” she said. “You can easily comprehend what is going on in the class and are able to ask the instructor any question.”

Courtney chose to study business because during high school she enjoyed helping people with papers, organizing events and keeping things in line.

“I figured that taking this course will help me to better those skills and enable me to learn more as I continue on to graduation,” Courtney said.

Courtney has her mother to thank for encouraging her to continue her education

“I was going to wait a year after graduation to go to school, but she was persistent and made me apply,” she said. “I am glad that she did though because I enjoy going to school and learning new things. She knows that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to and will be right there for me no matter what that accomplishment may be.”

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