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PIHT Student Highlight: Barb Richards

Program: Medical Assisting

1.     What is/was your favorite part of attending PIHT?
PIHT has definitely made a difference in my life. I feel my decision to come here was one of the best decisions ever. I’ve met some wonderful people that have made me feel like I matter. I never thought I would have been missed or anyone cared but I was proven wrong when I had to take time off, when I lost my mom. The support I got from students and staff was so overwhelmingly amazing. I cannot put into words how I felt.

2.     What is your favorite part about attending PIHT?
My favorite part about attending PIHT is spending time with friends learning and socializing. My favorite part about the program is the hands on clinical classes.

3.     Is there anyone you wish to thank?
First, I want to send a thank you out to those instructors who were here when I started and have since moved on. Next, I want to thank Billie Jo Williams, a former student, for being a friend when I needed one. I want to also send a special thank you out to Sara Kezmarsky, Janet Snyder, Kim Sage, Paulette Swope and Sherri Avilla for helping me with school and for their wonderful friendships. You guys are awesome!

Finally I must say thank you to Mrs. Mundel for being a great instructor and a good person all together. Melissa Pulice, thank you for all your support and advice, you too are also a great instructor and a good person to talk to.

Thank you, PIHT for helping me to realize I MATTER!