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PIHT Student Highlight – Goldie Daniels

Goldie Daniels has four children to support and knew she needed a good job to do so. She chose to come to Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology because she could obtain a specialized associate degree that would not take four years for completion.

“The PN Program at PIHT offers the opportunity to start a good career in something that I will enjoy doing,” Goldie explained.

For entrance to the PN Program at PIHT, Goldie explained that she had to take an Entrance Exam called the TEAS V. Once she passed that exam, she interviewed with the Campus Director and Director of the PN Program and in a few short days, received a letter of acceptance and a follow-up call from the Director. Another appointment was then scheduled for the enrollment agreement and Goldie was ready to begin!

“I have enjoyed the entire program so far, but maternity has been my favorite part,” said Goldie.

Goldie’s goals for this program are to support her family and use this as a stepping stone to reach her ultimate goal of becoming a midwife.

“The small atmosphere and one-on-one interaction are two of the great benefits of attending PIHT,” explained Goldie.

Goldie’s advice for potential students interested in the PN Program at PIHT is, “Be prepared because the program is time consuming and exhausting, but it’s well worth it! The instructors and stuff at PIHT will help you succeed, but be prepared to put in a lot of work and time to excel. The program is not for everyone, so do your research and choose a program that is right for you at PIHT!”

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